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In a race to be seen on the internet, most small businesses attempt various tactics and strategies to get ranked first in Google and other search engines. These strategies, while diverse, all have the same objective continue to rank a website higher and higher. SEO Phoenix does the same thing, and this quote holds true: “What advertising does to marketing, search engine optimization does for internet marketing. It ensures that the brand retains top positioning on the internet”.

To become a success through SEO, it is imperative to understand various terms and terminologies that are commonly used in the industry. This will help you not only understand what you are going to obtain through an SEO Arizona package, but also informs you about the differences between credible and successful SEO company practices vs. non-credible practices. These terms are:

Black-Hat SEO: These are best understood as SEO practices and strategies that are not recommended by Google. They fall outside of all acceptable search engine terms of use. As a result, while they may result in temporary increases to rank, they do not guarantee lasting results. A large number of companies eventually resort to unethical SEO practices in an attempt to race to the top. However, the ranking of keywords that are propped up by unethical means will just as quickly fall apart. SEO will only deliver long-lasting performance if there is an ethical strategy at play. Lasting results from SEO stratgies can never be achieved overnight; those who opt for such cheap tricks run the risk of being penalized by Google and being taken completely out of the search engine.

White-Hat SEO: This is the type of internet marketing strategy at SEO Phoenix, we perform white hat SEO. These are well planned, intelligent, ethical, and highly successful search engine optimization techniques that guarantee lasting success and superior rankings. By using these types of methodologies that have been approved by Google, it is easy to gain a natural swing in keywords that will keep pushing a website ranking higher and higher until that website reaches the top of the list based on the keyword’s relevance and competition. Judiciously employed SEO techniques will result in long-lasting impact, and a top search engine ranking that does not get lost quickly.

SEO tools & tips: These are the methods and actual implementations aimed at improving the position and ranking of websites on search engines. Such tools are header tags, keyword rich content, keyword density, formatting fonts, tag text, etc. along with premium SEO Arizona practices such as article submission, blog-posting, link-generation, forums, PR web postings, etc. The scientific application of these tools guarantees maximum popularity and competitiveness for industry specific keywords, and a tremendously improved ranking position for websites.

Along with this, boosting a website’s positioning on Google involve the unique and popular content. Unique content brings in visitors, quality information on websites is useful in helping your website rank high and pass the tests necessary to beat the competition.

These common terminologies are at the very core of the types of services that SEO Phoenix provides. Call (480) 256-9010 to schedule an appointment.


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