The Language of Web Design

The design of a website has its own language. It can influence customers, business associates, and have direct impact on sales as well as brand value of the business it is representing. To succeed in your industry segment, it is very important to communicate your message to targeted audience through the powerful medium of web design. Let’s see how the language of your website design influences communication between your business and your targeted customers.

Design Communication

The website design comprising of UI components, graphics, illustrations and visual animations speaks a lot about your business. First time visitors can get thorough idea about your business by only looking at your website homepage. The way you communicate your message in front of them will decide future actions of first time visitors. Design communication can impress them to stay longer and decide to buy your products and services; failing to do it can result in distraction and they will never come back again to your website.

Content Communication

Content rules over the internet. The mantra of success for a website lies in its content. If your website it not equipped with engaging and informative content, you will be at losing end. Brilliantly designed websites with poor content cannot deliver benefits to a business. Therefore, it is very important to focus on content communication and create a wonderful blend of design and content for your website.

Brand Communication

A website includes business logo, the mission, values and business goals of the organization. Together it defines the brand communication of a business to its online audience. The design of a website incorporates all these aspects in most impressive manner. Experienced web designers give serious thought over brand communication while designing website.

If you own a business and want to develop a website to represent it over the internet, you seriously have to think about the language of your website design. For the best possible results from your website design, contact the best web design company to do it for you. If you are in Phoenix metropolitan area, seenBEST Web Design is the best choice as they carry long term experience of business website design and can deliver magical results through responsive web design. They make sure that the language of your website design speaks the language or your business and conveys your message to the audience.

The Basic Process of Designing A Website

Website designing is a crucial thing. It impacts a brand or business directly and one should give serious thoughts to the process of designing a website. The whole exercise of creating a business website design includes several steps and to achieve all intended goals, one should follow one step at a time. This article outlines the basic process of designing a website. It can be a great help for budding designer looking for an ideal practice to follow while designing a website. However, it can also be helpful for experienced web designer in being more productive and deliver maximum customer satisfaction.

Requirement Gathering

A website is a true representative of modern businesses today. The task of an expert web designer is to convert the dreams and expectations of customer/business owner into a real design. In order to achieve this goal, it is very important to focus on comprehensive requirement gathering. Without knowing the expectations of your customers from their website, you cannot deliver maximum satisfaction for them. A personal one-on-one discussion with customer can be a great way to extract actual requirements. It is also a common practice to keep a questionnaire ready for the customer to fill before commencing the design process.

Identifying Layout

Once you have all the requirements ready to be converted into a design, the next task is of identifying website layout. The ideal practice would be designing a draft on paper before giving it a digital touch and analyze its pros and cons. Take approval from client and then finalize the layout.

Creation of Graphics & Illustrations

Now you have the requirements and proposed layout ready with you. It’s the time to work on creation of graphics and illustrations. Create the visual form of website based on the finalized layout. Based on the requirement you may also need to create custom graphics (logo, icons, banner, etc.) and illustrations to use in website. Usually it’s a better practice to create at least three versions of design and take opinion from customers over all of them, based on the inputs finalize the design with customer’s consent.

Conversion of Design into Template

This is the most crucial phase during the process of designing a website. You need to convert the visual format into web ready format (converting it into HTML). You need to carefully slice the final PSD version that you created earlier and create an HTML version of it. Based upon the look and feel used in the PSD, you need to create Cascading Style Sheets carefully. If you plan to use animation or special effects on website, you also need to create scripts using jQuery or JavaScript. Modern web design practices advise keeping all scripts separately and include it on page wherever required. It will reduce the page load time and make final version of website more SEO friendly.

Finishing The Process

Usually a website design includes designing two types of pages, one homepage and one inner page. So, once you are done with home page design, create one inner page design too using identical look and feel.

Important Points To Consider

Your task is over but you need to keep a few things in mind to enhance effectiveness of design. Organizing different components of website design is very important. Here are some points that you must consider before delivering your design:

  1. Create different types of graphics (JPG, PNG, or GIF) as par the requirements
  2. Organize graphics in different folders
  3. Put all scripts (jQuery and JavaScript) in separate folder
  4. Try to use web-safe fonts in your design
  5. Focus on making responsive website design

Following above described process of creating a website design will enhance the productivity, make your designs better organized, and you will enjoy enhanced customer satisfaction winning you more work in future.

Website Designs for Neighborhood Small Businesses in Phoenix

Online visibility has become an important need for all businesses today. Their presence over the internet plays an important role in business growth. If we talk about web design for small businesses in Phoenix area, their requirements are entirely different that website targeting customers from all over the world. A business website is their primary need too, but they also need specific components to address their unique business needs.

This article briefs about website designs for neighborhood small businesses in Phoenix. Essential ingredients of a neighborhood small business website are as follows:

Theme of Website

Universal designs will not work for neighborhood businesses. It needs to be strategically developed for different business types. For example a restaurant website design will be entirely different from a medical clinic website design. The theme of a dentist website, colors used on website will be different than a convenience store website. In addition, giving a local touch to the website design will also be helpful.

Integration of Business Components

Neighborhood business can be of two types, service based and product based. It will be very important to integrate their offerings in the website. Displaying a product or service catalogue will be an ideal addition in website design. If they are receiving online payments, integration of payment methods is also necessary. Cash-on-Delivery methods are more popular in product based businesses. There should a call back option in the website design too, where customers can submit queries to the providers for call back.

Simplicity and Interactivity

Responsive website design is the need of the hour. This universal concept is applicable for neighborhood business websites too. Phoenix is among one of the most populous cities of United States and the competition is very tough among neighborhood businesses. The blend of simplicity and interactivity in website design will provide an upper edge to them. Attractive look and feel will gain first sight love of visitors.


People love giving opinion over the products and services of their choice. They also prefer knowing what others are saying for a particular product, service or their providers. Therefore, a feedback section is necessary (apart from the Contact Form) for Phoenix local business website designs.

If a neighborhood small business website design has all the above said ingredients, it will surely become successful within no time. The best web design company in Phoenix understand these local business website design requirements and create thoughtful designs for their customers. If you are planning to develop impressive online visibility, contact Web Design Experts in Phoenix today.

Five Essential Checklists before Hiring a Web Designer

Website design is the core of any website, so the role of web designer during website development becomes very important. While hiring a web designer, you should take care of several things to ensure selection of only the best candidates. This post provides some essential checklists before hiring a web designer:

Does he have required skill set?

While hiring a web designer, it is very important to keep the project specific requirements in mind. However, there are a few things which should be universal in every web designer. For example, knowledge of HTML, XHTML, Java Script, CSS, etc. are essential for a web designer. So, check whether he has adequate knowledge of all these or not? In addition, he should be aware with latest web design guidelines. Awareness with latest happenings in web design world is a must.

Is he experienced?

When you are hiring a web designer to design your business website, you should not settle with inexperienced ones. Your website’s success heavily depends upon its design and UI. So, handling this crucial task to a newbie in the field of web design will be risky. Do check whether the designer you are going to hire carry required years of experience or not?

Is he competent enough to finish the assignment on time?

Competency and work execution strategy is very important. When you hire a web designer to design your business website, must check for competency. You can test it by asking for a sample design in minimum possible time. If he is able to deliver it, you can consider him. However, enquiring about it will provide you peace of mind.

Does he possess unique designing skills?

A website requires several design elements. If the web designer you are hiring has some extra skills than core requirements of your website, it will be added advantage for you. For example, if your hired web designer has fine knowledge of flash animation and action scripting, it will add value to your project as he can deliver exceptionally rich content for your website.

Have you checked their portfolio?

To get a job, people usually give false information too. Therefore, it’s always advisable to check the authenticity of such claims. Thoroughly check the portfolio and enquire about how to believe that the work is done by them. It’s a bit pesky but it will provide fruitful results in future.

Adopting above checklist will help you hire the best web designer for designing your next business website.