How To Get Visitor’s Attention Through Attractive Website Design

The most important point that keeps webmasters glued with their strategies is to sustain their visitors. Everyone wants their website to get noticed and nothing is more embarrassing that a visitor leaving website’s homepage or landing page within 10-15 seconds. In such cases, visitors even forget/miss to check out the most promising segment of website. So, the real challenge for web designers is to create attractive and engaging website designs capable to get visitor’s attention. This post walks through some of the easiest techniques to attract visitors and sustain them for longer periods.

Creating A Focal Point

The website’s homepage should have a focal point to hold attention of visitors. Usually, the best place for creation of such a focal point is home page, but the ideal practice should be having a focal point for each of the pages accordingly without making it over cluttered. So, what could be the best way of creating a focal point? Here are some suggestions:


Buttons are great as a focal point in certain conditions. A majority of web designers use buttons like “Buy Now” and “Order Now” frequently on their website right below the product or service features listings. It’s really a great way of drawing attention of visitors towards the features listings of your products and services. For this, one needs to create unique and attractive buttons custom designed for the purpose.


For content based websites, strategic use of typography can help create the best focal point. However, the secret lies in using typography with right blend of text size, colors, and whitespace to make it more appealing for the visitors. Going extra miles and using really bigger sizes doesn’t harm in such cases if the design of website allows it. Ideal way is to create effects using different font sizes together. It may look cluttered sometimes, but visitors need something to grab their attention. They love reading cluttered text if they feel something important is hidden behind it.


Graphics and illustrations are undoubtedly the best and the most favorite option for creating focal point for websites. To enhance the look of certain portion of webpage and highlight it, custom illustrations are the safest option. One just needs to relate it with the topic and differentiate its look and feel with website’s look and feel. If you can do it, you can win the precious time of your visitors.


Those who are not aware with the importance of whitespace in web design should have a look at Apple’s homepage. The website uses whitespace for creating most influencing focal point for its visitors.

Creation of a focal point on your website is the key to get visitor’s attention. It’s the most important part of website design and one should only trust the best web design companies for the job. Remember that your website represents your business and it’s vital for your success in business. Consider hiring the experts in web design because they can deliver you winning web designs.