ECommerce Web Design for Local Businesses

People spend a major part of their shopping budget online. For most of their shopping requirements they look at online stores. They not only shop for electronics on eBay and books on Amazon, but also prefer sending gifts and flowers to loved ones through online stores. They also prefer scheduling an appointment with dentist or hairstylist over the internet rather than wasting time in long queues. So, the resultant is, not only global businesses have the potential in ecommerce, but also neighborhood businesses can thrive if they adopt right ecommerce practices.

This post is dedicated to ecommerce web design for local businesses, giving first hand information to local business owners to proceed with online commerce.

Local ECommerce Web Design Requirements

ECommerce Web design requirements for local businesses are locale specific. A limousine rental service in Phoenix doesn’t need to include long listing of all the states and cities of United States in their inquiry form. They only need to include hot-spots of Phoenix metropolitan area for Point-to-Point dropping facilities. Similarly, the local business websites doesn’t need to include national or international shipping modules as in case of an ecommerce website targeting customers from all over the world.

Necessary Components for Local Business Web Design

Like standard ecommerce websites, local business websites also needs to have some common elements like:

  • Attractive Look and Feel
  • Quick and Easy Navigation
  • Quick Contact Form/Enquiry Form
  • Social Media Integration
  • Easy to use Content Management System

In addition to these things, there should be option to accept online payments too. However, not providing “Cash on Delivery” option may result in distracting some customers. So, cash on delivery is a mandatory feature for local business ecommerce websites.

Selection of The Best Web Design Companies

One of the biggest mistakes that local businesses often do is selection of wrong web design agency for designing ecommerce websites. To get the best in web design services and convert their goals from online commerce, local businesses need to find the best web design company with perfection in local business web design.

The ideal way could be finding a company with all round experience in web design, SEO, social media optimization and internet marketing, as they will create a ready to rock ecommerce website in least possible time with least possible budget.