Endless Opportunity of Growth in Responsive Web Design

Have a look at these facts:

  • The total mobile traffic in 2011 was 8 times higher than total internet traffic in 2000 [TechCrunch]
  • Africa, comparatively a less developed Continent uses 65% of internet connection on mobile devices [Source: www.memeburn.com]
  • More than 85% of world population will have high-speed internet access by 2017 [Source – www.mashable.com]

And the most interesting one,

  • Apple sells more iPhones (378,000) per day than the average global birth rate (371,000) [Source – www.webpronews.com]

These facts are enough to give anyone the hint of endless opportunities of growth for mobile traffic, and mobile commerce. With more and more people switching to mobile devices for accessing internet has created a whole new world which is connected to the world round the clock. Their access is not only limited to browsing the internet, but also in making purchases, watching videos, downloading music, games and other interactive stuff for information or entertainment.

A couple of years ago, mobile websites meant WAP sites with limited interactivity lacking rich content over them. Today, the focus is completely different. Mobile websites of today have become equally responsive and features almost identical content as their counterparts developed for big screens.

Mobile internet users are not only logging into the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter; they also look for the nearest Pizza joint and the coolest hangout place in their neighborhood. Even if they need to buy movie tickets, or review a gadget they are planning to buy; they don’t look for their laptops or desktops. They do it right away through their mobile devices. So, the bottom line is, it doesn’t mean what is your business, you need a mobile friendly website to get attention of a large segment of your targeted audience who use mobiles for everything. If you are not doing it, the huge pool of mobile internet users is away from your reach.

The opportunity of your online business growth is highly dependent on your presence over mobile internet world, and the way to tap this opportunity lies in responsive website designs. If you want to grab it, you have to get rid of adaptive web design practices. If you need to redesign your existing website as a responsive website or willing to develop a responsive website from scratch, you will need assistance from experts in responsive web design.

However, don’t get fooled by anybody promising to deliver you a responsive website. Do check their credibility and their ability to provide you a website equally appealing on all devices without affecting your promotional abilities. seenBEST web design in Phoenix, AZ has impressive experience of developing SEO friendly responsive website. Contact seenBEST today to discuss your requirements and make your business mobile friendly.