The Language of Web Design

The design of a website has its own language. It can influence customers, business associates, and have direct impact on sales as well as brand value of the business it is representing. To succeed in your industry segment, it is very important to communicate your message to targeted audience through the powerful medium of web design. Let’s see how the language of your website design influences communication between your business and your targeted customers.

Design Communication

The website design comprising of UI components, graphics, illustrations and visual animations speaks a lot about your business. First time visitors can get thorough idea about your business by only looking at your website homepage. The way you communicate your message in front of them will decide future actions of first time visitors. Design communication can impress them to stay longer and decide to buy your products and services; failing to do it can result in distraction and they will never come back again to your website.

Content Communication

Content rules over the internet. The mantra of success for a website lies in its content. If your website it not equipped with engaging and informative content, you will be at losing end. Brilliantly designed websites with poor content cannot deliver benefits to a business. Therefore, it is very important to focus on content communication and create a wonderful blend of design and content for your website.

Brand Communication

A website includes business logo, the mission, values and business goals of the organization. Together it defines the brand communication of a business to its online audience. The design of a website incorporates all these aspects in most impressive manner. Experienced web designers give serious thought over brand communication while designing website.

If you own a business and want to develop a website to represent it over the internet, you seriously have to think about the language of your website design. For the best possible results from your website design, contact the best web design company to do it for you. If you are in Phoenix metropolitan area, seenBEST Web Design is the best choice as they carry long term experience of business website design and can deliver magical results through responsive web design. They make sure that the language of your website design speaks the language or your business and conveys your message to the audience.

Endless Opportunity of Growth in Responsive Web Design

Have a look at these facts:

  • The total mobile traffic in 2011 was 8 times higher than total internet traffic in 2000 [TechCrunch]
  • Africa, comparatively a less developed Continent uses 65% of internet connection on mobile devices [Source:]
  • More than 85% of world population will have high-speed internet access by 2017 [Source –]

And the most interesting one,

  • Apple sells more iPhones (378,000) per day than the average global birth rate (371,000) [Source –]

These facts are enough to give anyone the hint of endless opportunities of growth for mobile traffic, and mobile commerce. With more and more people switching to mobile devices for accessing internet has created a whole new world which is connected to the world round the clock. Their access is not only limited to browsing the internet, but also in making purchases, watching videos, downloading music, games and other interactive stuff for information or entertainment.

A couple of years ago, mobile websites meant WAP sites with limited interactivity lacking rich content over them. Today, the focus is completely different. Mobile websites of today have become equally responsive and features almost identical content as their counterparts developed for big screens.

Mobile internet users are not only logging into the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter; they also look for the nearest Pizza joint and the coolest hangout place in their neighborhood. Even if they need to buy movie tickets, or review a gadget they are planning to buy; they don’t look for their laptops or desktops. They do it right away through their mobile devices. So, the bottom line is, it doesn’t mean what is your business, you need a mobile friendly website to get attention of a large segment of your targeted audience who use mobiles for everything. If you are not doing it, the huge pool of mobile internet users is away from your reach.

The opportunity of your online business growth is highly dependent on your presence over mobile internet world, and the way to tap this opportunity lies in responsive website designs. If you want to grab it, you have to get rid of adaptive web design practices. If you need to redesign your existing website as a responsive website or willing to develop a responsive website from scratch, you will need assistance from experts in responsive web design.

However, don’t get fooled by anybody promising to deliver you a responsive website. Do check their credibility and their ability to provide you a website equally appealing on all devices without affecting your promotional abilities. seenBEST web design in Phoenix, AZ has impressive experience of developing SEO friendly responsive website. Contact seenBEST today to discuss your requirements and make your business mobile friendly.

Responsive Web Design – The Future of Business Web Design

Having a website is necessity for every business today. Your business website is the first and the best point of contact for your potential customers. However, you can’t be sure about the type of device used by customers to visit your business website. If your website is built on standard resolution of 1024×768, it will look perfect on most of the modern laptops and desktops. But, have you ever imagined how it will appear on a smart phone? The rigid layout of your website will force your mobile visitors to use pinch and zoom feature which is so cumbersome and they will most likely leave your website to never come back again.

So, what’s the ideal solution? Is there any way to handle this situation? The answer is, “YES”. Solution of this problem lies in responsive web design. With responsive web design, you can have different layout and appearance for different devices. It will provide customized browsing experience to website visitors.

Responsive Web Design Advantages

Responsive web design is the future of web design as it offers advantages to people at both ends; website owners and end users.

Advantages for responsive website design to website owners are as follows:

  • One website for every device
  • No additional development cost
  • Reduced time of development (as one website serves the purpose)
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Maximum returns of SEO (as all links, images, text, and other resources are same)

Advantages for responsive website design for visitors are as follows:

  • Customized browsing experience
  • No need for pinch and zoom
  • No need to scroll through the pages
  • Custom contents/adverts based on their location

How To Adopt Responsive Web Design?

There are a few key elements of responsive web design that modern web designers need to adopt for designing responsive websites. They are:

  1. Fluid Layout – It uses a flexible grid ensuring that website can scale itself to full width according to the browser.
  2. Flexible Images – Based in the fluid mechanism or controlled through overflow mechanism
  3. Media Queries – Optimizing the design for different viewing context and spot fixing of bugs at different resolution ranges.

Today, almost all the popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal etc are supporting responsive web design. One can easily find responsive web templates for these content management platforms. However, the best bet is to go for a custom made responsive web design template.

If you want your business to flourish and reap increased sales and revenues, you will have to deliver the best browsing experience to your website visitors. It is impossible without adopting responsive website design practices. In coming years, more and more users will start using mobile and other portable devices to access the internet and sticking to age old adaptive web design will harm your business. Contact the best web design companies to design a responsive business website for you and feel the magical difference.